Review of The Conjuring

 2.5/5 Stars

Let me start this review off by saying that I am not scared easily. I've never really been scared by a horror movie, so when I say it wasn't scary at all that's by my standards. There were people in the theater that were screaming a lot (it was quite annoying actually) so if you are easily scared then this movie may not be for you. But to me, it wasn't scary. At. All. It did have what I thought would be an interesting premise, but it was so dragged out to fit the movie time that it was boring most of the time. I'm not going to spoil this movie for anyone who wants to see it, but I will say that the first 10 and the last 30 minutes are the only real parts of this movie worth seeing. They are the "scariest" and the most interesting parts.

I think the horror part of the movie would have been better ascertained if I had actually liked the family, but I had no feelings for them. They introduced the mother and father, but the children weren't ever truly introduced and so I honestly didn't even know their names nor did I care about rooting for them. I did however like Ed and Lorane. The actors had more of a presence, and so I was rooting for them, so I guess good job casting directors? Yay.

Basically, I didn't have very high expectations for this movie, so it didn't fall short of them. It just was very meh. I don't think I should be yawning throughout movies, but this one was yawnable. It wasn't terrible, just not much happened and what did happen was predictable.