About Fiction in Gray

Fiction in Gray was created as an updated and more mature(ish) version of Sabby's. (Plus, I finally thought of a name for a site. Huzzah.) Instead of solely being a graphic site it's going to more personal to myself and feature my poetry and photography as well. This way I can express myself and I won't feel super pressured to sit at my computer and make graphics all day. And this will mean I won't go on random hiatuses very often. At least I hope not.

Where the Name came from: I got the name from a song by the band Savannah called "Fiction in Grey" the only reason I changed it to Gray is that I've always thought that gray should be spelled with an "a". I don't know why, but spelling it with an "e" bothers me... Oh and I picked that for the title because I love the song and I think it's awesome that the band's name is Savannah. Cause you know, that's my name.:P So that's the not very interesting origin of the name. Weeeeeee.